Vitaal Platteland

Fachforum 9: A new rural policy in Sweden

Afgelopen januari was Nederland partnerland bij het Duitse toekomstforum voor plattelandsontwikkeling, komende editie is Zweden partnerland.

De Zweden organiseren een Engelstalig Vakforum.

Brede aanpak platteland in Zweden
Four years ago, the Swedish government decided on a Coherent Rural Policy with the general objective: Viable rural areas with equal opportunities for enterprise, work, housing and welfare that leads to long-term sustainable development throughout the country. The policy has a broad and cross-sectoral approach with sub-objectives aiming for sustainability, competitiveness and well-being in different types of rural areas. This means that almost all sector policies are important for the implementation of the rural policy. It also implies that actors at all levels, from EU to local – including civil society – should take on their specific roles and cooperate in the development of rural areas. After an in-depth follow-up of the policy, further streamlining of implementation and cooperation among actors now are taking place.

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